Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another summer dress - the Leralynn in Linen

Months ago when I made a Leralynn dress I bought some linen to make another. It's such a comfy dress, and has pockets! and a hood!

This week I finally got around to sewing it together. The first take ended up a bit less tailored than I hoped. In fact, it looked like a maternity dress.

Take 1:

I took about 4 inches all around under the bust, an inch from the seam on each side curving from the dart out to the waist, and then back out for the bottom of the pocket. 

I still have work to do on mastering darts, but I like the new version

The photo's aren't the best, but you can see the slimmer version and the scoop hem. I hate having a dress too short at the back, but I also don't like it too long at the front or my calves get cut off at the widest part. 
It's a brilliant summer dress in the heat that we have been having lately.