Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Bunny

Every year our preschool has an Easter Raffle. Mostly it's chocolates and the usual Easter things, but insprired by Melissa of MellySews I decided to try my hand at an Easter Bunny.

I used the leftover fleece from making the many, many Paw Patrol vests, since it was what was on hand, and would be snuggly to cuddle.

The pattern was very easy to follow and used the insides of a pillow the cat had attacked for stuffing.

I embroidered the face on, making it soft and secure for a baby to snuggle and gnaw on safely. I made the pom-pom tail too, but added a note around Bunny's neck saying to remove it before giving it to a little 'un, just in case. I guess I wanted to be sure I wasn't responsible for a kid eating a woolly tail.

We know the family that won the raffle, they have a Master 2 1/2, and a Master 3-4 months. Snuggly Bunny has a good home and is cute as a button.