Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Little boy pyjamas

Sprog needed some new shorts so I went shopping coming home with three pairs, but his favourite has to be the Star Wars shorts. He liked them so much that when he needed new pyjamas he said

"Mummy, I would like some Star Wars jammies. We will have to go 'round the shops and look, but if we can't find some we will have to make some."

Having found the free patterns on Melly Sews straightforward I went for the Lazy Day Pyjamas from Blank Slate Patterns. It has optional piping, but I liked the look and I'm pretty gung-ho about trying new things sewing so piping it was. I decided to make pyjama's for each of my sons.

Sprog chose his favourite of the Star Wars flannelette's on offer. Licensed fabric is expensive so Widget's fabric came from the clearance table. It was a choice of cowboys or sharks.  Husband was consulted. Cowboys won. They are really good brothers so I chose the same contrast red in order to let them "match". I couldn't find many piping options so they ended up with the same blue piping.


I had to redo the cuffs for Sprog as he couldn't get his hand though them. I must have cut the wrong size from the pattern. I french-seamed most of Sprogs' pyjama's

For Widget's Cowboy pyjama's I flat-felled as many seams as I could. There are little bits and pieces that I'm not happy with, but they feel so much more solid than their storebought pyjamas. They are my favourite pyjamas for each boy by far.