Saturday, August 6, 2016


Following on from the Mock up version of my Leralynn I made a version in the fabric I bought specially.

I'm not sure what the fabric is,  it was a mid-weight with at least some polyester, but the pocket and hood lining fabric was satin. Neither of them were easy to work with as neither held a crease easily when pressing. The welt pockets were a bit tricky but many many pins solved the issue.

I put a decorative stitch down the middle on either side of the seam, and around the hood. I used bias trim around the hem and the sleeves.

I'm mostly pleased about this, and I love a dress with a hood and pockets. I have a bit of learning to go when it comes to sewing darts well, but luckily with this fabric it's dark enough and heavy enough to mostly pull the fabric down and flatten the wobbly darts.

I wore it to work and I had some lovely comments from my students about it. We've had a bit of a cold snap lately, so it has gone back into the cupboard until Spring comes back for good.