Saturday, August 13, 2016

Academic Hood

I graduated in 2003, in 2009 I gained my teaching diploma. Every year since I have worn my own gown at school prizegiving, which was originally my grandfathers, and whichever hood that I was given. I think I have had the wrong hood as often as I had the right one. I never liked having the wrong hood. I'm pretty sure there's some rule or law about wearing regalia that you are not entitled to, though that may only apply to military uniforms and the like.  Anyway I had been thinking about making my own for a while.

Last year I e-mailed the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women, Otago branch, since Otago is where I graduated from. The lovely Sue sent me a paper pattern cut from butchers paper, a scrap of the correct colour blue fabric, and a letter with instructions. The envelope was misplaced once or twice in the great piles of kid stuff, but I dug it out and put it somewhere safe. This past school holiday I bought the satin and trim and set it aside until I had a gap between other projects. There was no rush. Prizegiving isn't until early December.

Once I had the fabric I found I didn't want to put it off anymore, so a few evenings sewing later I had a hood.

Sprog modelled it for me, as getting a decent picture of your back in the mirror is quite hard.  I can hardly wait for prizegiving this year. I will be the one wearing the correct hood and gown.  I have to be careful now though, Some folks at school have been making noises about having their own!