Monday, July 11, 2016

Towel after Towel

I'd seen these towels and these ones too, when looking for something I can't remember now, but I liked the look of them and just needed the opportunity. We had a bought version given to us for our widget and had found them really useful. I found some brilliant waffle towels to use and stashed them in my sewing pile.

We were invited to the birthday party for the two children of friends we don't catch up very often, in fact it had been about a year since we had seen each other. Present-wise we were a bit at a loss. For Master 4 we went for a double whammy of Pirate Lego, either Pirates or Lego is usually a hit with Master 4's, but for Miss 2 it was the perfect time to give the towel a whirl. I whipped it up in the morning before the party and tied it up with a ribbon. I'd made the bias tape myself on an earlier night so it was all ready to go.

It was a big hit with Miss 2, apparently she guards it jealously from big brother Master 4.

It was the beginning of a trend with towels for many others following. 
One for the Sprog's friends birthday, this time with a name on the hood.

Then one for a friends newborn, a little baby version instead, and matching flannels.

Then a matching set for another friends children, One for her Miss 4, who is also Sprog's friend, and one for Miss Newborn, again with a matching flannel for each.

I've one more in the works, for yet another friend's newborn, but now I've run out of towel's and the shop I bought them from has stopped selling them.